Commit 6eaca27d authored by Frank Galligan's avatar Frank Galligan
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Refactor read_intra_frame_mode_info

Change-Id: I56b0614154408e8ec613784b2007374df00fbf17
parent 066ed601
......@@ -122,11 +122,10 @@ static void copy_segment_id(const VP9_COMMON *cm,
last_segment_ids[mi_offset + y * cm->mi_cols + x] : 0;
static int read_intra_segment_id(VP9_COMMON *const cm, MACROBLOCKD *const xd,
static int read_intra_segment_id(VP9_COMMON *const cm, BLOCK_SIZE bsize,
int mi_row, int mi_col,
vp9_reader *r) {
struct segmentation *const seg = &cm->seg;
const BLOCK_SIZE bsize = xd->mi[0].src_mi->mbmi.sb_type;
int segment_id;
if (!seg->enabled)
......@@ -199,7 +198,7 @@ static void read_intra_frame_mode_info(VP9_COMMON *const cm,
const BLOCK_SIZE bsize = mbmi->sb_type;
int i;
mbmi->segment_id = read_intra_segment_id(cm, xd, mi_row, mi_col, r);
mbmi->segment_id = read_intra_segment_id(cm, bsize, mi_row, mi_col, r);
mbmi->skip = read_skip(cm, xd, counts, mbmi->segment_id, r);
mbmi->tx_size = read_tx_size(cm, xd, counts, 1, r);
mbmi->ref_frame[0] = INTRA_FRAME;
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