Commit 70109028 authored by Alexander Bokov's avatar Alexander Bokov Committed by Hui Su

Support txmg in predict_skip_flag_8bit()

Change-Id: Ic701ef1439d6d1d3d7801bb3ec4aebe9ad6e3acc
parent 82e9172f
......@@ -5366,7 +5366,12 @@ static int predict_skip_flag_8bit(const MACROBLOCK *x, BLOCK_SIZE bsize) {
#endif = 8;
param.lossless = 0;
av1_highbd_fwd_txfm(p->src_diff, DCT_coefs, bw, &param);
#else // CONFIG_TXMG
av1_fwd_txfm(p->src_diff, DCT_coefs, bw, &param);
#endif // CONFIG_TXMG
uint32_t dc = (uint32_t)av1_dc_quant(x->qindex, 0, AOM_BITS_8);
uint32_t ac = (uint32_t)av1_ac_quant(x->qindex, 0, AOM_BITS_8);
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