Commit 70c4fab5 authored by Sarah Parker's avatar Sarah Parker Committed by James Zern
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rdopt: clear maybe-uninitialized variable warning

av1/encoder/rdopt.c:9533 ‘zeromv[1].as_int’ may be used
uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
this was spurious given the logic in the if

Change-Id: I8ddfe7e46d1bf5593cc8624f05c9f181243a87d4
parent 4be3214f
......@@ -9454,10 +9454,10 @@ PALETTE_EXIT:
#endif // CONFIG_REF_MV
zeromv[0].as_int = cm->global_motion[refs[0]].motion_params.wmmat[0].as_int;
if (comp_pred_mode) {
zeromv[1].as_int =
zeromv[1].as_int =
? cm->global_motion[refs[1]].motion_params.wmmat[0].as_int
: 0;
zeromv[0].as_int = 0;
zeromv[1].as_int = 0;
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