Commit 74f98e6f authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Tune rate-distortion modeling to account for frame light change

When the variance is far less than sse, the block is considered to
be under light change. All the energy is compacted into DC coeff
and can be coded at low cost. In such situation, switch the rate-
distortion modeling from sse+var based back to variance based.

Note that this is a temporary solution to handle the rare situations
where the scene light changes.

Change-Id: I1ee0fe2b9eda6b5fac40152e1841bf23f4d229fd
parent 52ae97b6
......@@ -194,7 +194,13 @@ static void model_rd_for_sb_y(VP9_COMP *cpi, BLOCK_SIZE bsize,
int var = cpi->fn_ptr[bsize].vf(p->src.buf, p->src.stride,
pd->dst.buf, pd->dst.stride, &sse);
vp9_model_rd_from_var_lapndz(sse + var, 1 << num_pels_log2_lookup[bsize],
// TODO(jingning) This is a temporary solution to account for frames with
// light changes. Need to customize the rate-distortion modeling for non-RD
// mode decision.
if ((sse >> 3) > var)
sse = var;
vp9_model_rd_from_var_lapndz(var + sse, 1 << num_pels_log2_lookup[bsize],
pd->dequant[1] >> 3, &rate, &dist);
*out_rate_sum = rate;
*out_dist_sum = dist << 3;
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