Commit 7630e36f authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Add x86_64-linux-icc target to build VP8 with icc

Add a target for icc.

Change-Id: Ia1db82373d9c7268848bbb65c9483d408b9d933f
parent 51ae606b
......@@ -797,6 +797,8 @@ process_common_toolchain() {
add_cflags -use-msasm -use-asm
add_ldflags -i-static
enabled x86_64 && add_cflags -ipo -no-prec-div -static -xSSE3 -axSSE3
enabled x86_64 && AR=xiar
add_cflags -m${bits}
......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ all_platforms="${all_platforms} x86-win32-vs7"
all_platforms="${all_platforms} x86-win32-vs8"
all_platforms="${all_platforms} x86_64-darwin9-gcc"
all_platforms="${all_platforms} x86_64-linux-gcc"
all_platforms="${all_platforms} x86_64-linux-icc"
all_platforms="${all_platforms} x86_64-solaris-gcc"
all_platforms="${all_platforms} x86_64-win64-vs8"
all_platforms="${all_platforms} universal-darwin8-gcc"
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