Commit 76ac5b39 authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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Fix unused variable warnings

Previous commit does not build cleanly on Jenkins with the DWT/DCT
hybrid experiment enabled (--enable-dwtdcthybrid).

Change-Id: Ia67e8f59d17ef2d5200ec6b90dfe6711ed6835a5
parent 516db21c
......@@ -2136,8 +2136,6 @@ static void vp9_short_fdct16x16_c_f(short *input, short *out, int pitch,
void vp9_short_fdct8x8_c_f(short *block, short *coefs, int pitch, int scale) {
int j1, i, j, k;
static int count = 0;
short x[8 * 8];
float b[8];
float b1[8];
float d[8][8];
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