Commit 76ff9b30 authored by Yi Luo's avatar Yi Luo Committed by Gerrit Code Review

Merge "Fix input buffer initialization in convolution filter test" into nextgenv2

parents 95d99ae1 f26a48bd
......@@ -94,10 +94,7 @@ void VP10ConvolveOptimzTest::PrepFilterBuffer(uint8_t *src, uint8_t *src_ref,
int r, c;
ACMRandom rnd(ACMRandom::DeterministicSeed());
memset(src, 0, maxBlockSize);
memset(src_ref, 0, maxBlockSize);
memset(dst, 0, maxBlockSize);
memset(dst_ref, 0, maxBlockSize);
memset(alloc_, 0, 4 * maxBlockSize);
uint8_t *src_ptr = src;
uint8_t *dst_ptr = dst;
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