Commit 774c8da1 authored by Urvang Joshi's avatar Urvang Joshi

decode_to_md5: Update hash.

Change-Id: I40b7672ed98f2d1a49a7a9aabfd313ba64b3e8fb
parent 143de432
......@@ -57,9 +57,11 @@ decode_to_md5() {
decode_to_md5_av1() {
# expected MD5 sum for the last frame.
local expected_md5="f48cbb1efe36e37243df8e0d76a65678"
local expected_md5="85ccfd374240849e6849f917cf742c9e"
local file="${AV1_IVF_FILE}"
# TODO(urvang): Check in the encoded file (like libvpx does) to avoid
# encoding every time.
if [ "$(av1_decode_available)" = "yes" ]; then
if [ ! -e "${AV1_IVF_FILE}" ]; then
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