Commit 7bbd3b15 authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang
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Add comment for RD_STATS

Change-Id: I30a6de3f7eb0c5ef3285ae62c39b3d14a94bd649
parent df0e0d73
......@@ -302,9 +302,14 @@ typedef struct {
typedef struct RD_STATS {
int rate;
int64_t dist;
// Please be careful of using rdcost, it's not guaranteed to be set all the
// time.
// TODO(angiebird): Create a set of functions to manipulate the RD_STATS. In
// these functions, make sure rdcost is always up-to-date according to
// rate/dist.
int64_t rdcost;
int64_t sse;
int skip;
int skip; // sse should equal to dist when skip == 1
int txb_coeff_cost[MAX_MB_PLANE];
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