Commit 7c5eb6d5 authored by Ronald S. Bultje's avatar Ronald S. Bultje
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Fix mi_row argument to update_stats().

This doesn't change output, because the argument isn't actually used
ATM. However, we should fix it for consistency.

Change-Id: I7b7326a8e92c0d411c999ec2c781204b516ed53d
parent 247c4f76
......@@ -828,7 +828,7 @@ static void encode_sb(VP9_COMP *cpi,
output_enabled, mi_row, mi_col + (i << CONFIG_SB8X8),
if (output_enabled) {
update_stats(cpi, mi_row, mi_col + i);
update_stats(cpi, mi_row, mi_col + (i << CONFIG_SB8X8));
(*tp)->token = EOSB_TOKEN;
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