Commit 7e6cfae9 authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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Allow tile parsing with ANS.

Verified manually in a 1920x1080 4x2 tile configuration.

Change-Id: I08fe15d4354d3a9393a6ccbce9d9ecba41222ac7
parent 6feef1d2
......@@ -3467,11 +3467,6 @@ static const uint8_t *decode_tiles_mt(AV1Decoder *pbi, const uint8_t *data,
assert(tile_cols * tile_rows > 1);
// TODO(any): This might just work now. Needs to be tested.
abort(); // FIXME: Tile parsing broken
#endif // CONFIG_ANS
// TODO(jzern): See if we can remove the restriction of passing in max
// threads to the decoder.
if (pbi->num_tile_workers == 0) {
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