Commit 7f63bfa6 authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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Fix MSVS builds for unit test changes

Update the Visual Studio builds to support the new monolithic unit
test binary.

Includes minor semi-cosmetic refactoring of, as the
%vpx.vcproj match is no longer appropriate given the test_libvpx

Change-Id: I29e6e07c39e72b54a4b3eaca5b9b7877ef3fb134
parent cd0bf0e4
......@@ -369,25 +369,20 @@ gtest.vcproj: $(SRC_PATH_BARE)/third_party/googletest/src/src/
PROJECTS-$(CONFIG_MSVS) += gtest.vcproj
define unit_test_vcproj_template
$(notdir $( $(SRC_PATH_BARE)/$(1)
@echo " [vcproj] $$@"
--name=$(notdir $(\
$$(if $$(CONFIG_STATIC_MSVCRT),--static-crt) \
--out=$$@ $$(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $$(CFLAGS) \
test_libvpx.vcproj: $(LIBVPX_TEST_SRCS)
@echo " [CREATE] $@"
$(SRC_PATH_BARE)/build/make/ \
--exe \
--target=$(TOOLCHAIN) \
--name=test_libvpx \
--proj-guid=CD837F5F-52D8-4314-A370-895D614166A7 \
$(if $(CONFIG_STATIC_MSVCRT),--static-crt) \
-I. -I"$(SRC_PATH_BARE)/third_party/googletest/src/include" \
-L. -l$(CODEC_LIB) -lwinmm -l$(GTEST_LIB) $$^
$(foreach proj,$(LIBVPX_TEST_BINS),\
$(eval $(call unit_test_vcproj_template,$(proj))))
-L. -l$(CODEC_LIB) -lwinmm -l$(GTEST_LIB) $^
$(notdir $(
PROJECTS-$(CONFIG_MSVS) += test_libvpx.vcproj
@set -e; for t in $(addprefix Win32/Release/,$(notdir $(; do $$t; done
......@@ -8,18 +8,19 @@
## be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
# libvpx reverse dependencies (targets that depend on libvpx)
VPX_NONDEPS=$(addsuffix .vcproj,vpx gtest obj_int_extract)
VPX_RDEPS=$(foreach vcp,\
$(filter-out $(VPX_NONDEPS),$^), --dep=$(vcp:.vcproj=):vpx)
vpx.sln: $(wildcard *.vcproj)
@echo " [CREATE] $@"
$(SRC_PATH_BARE)/build/make/ \
$(if $(filter %vpx.vcproj,$^),\
$(foreach vcp,$(filter-out %vpx.vcproj %gtest.vcproj %obj_int_extract.vcproj,$^),\
--dep=$(vcp:.vcproj=):vpx) \
$(foreach vcp,$(filter %_test.vcproj,$^),\
--dep=$(vcp:.vcproj=):gtest)) \
--dep=vpx:obj_int_extract \
--out=$@ $^
$(if $(filter vpx.vcproj,$^),$(VPX_RDEPS)) \
--dep=vpx:obj_int_extract \
--dep=test_libvpx:gtest \
--out=$@ $^ vpx.sln
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