Commit 80e5326c authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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Use offset mode info when filling pc tree.

Use the appropriate subblock offset mode info rather than the parent
block base, when filling mbmi in the pc tree in nonrd_use_partition.
This mimics what is done in the vertical case and what is done for
both cases in nonrd_pick_partition.

This change has little practical effect at the moment since in speed 5
rt horizontal and vertical partitions are currently only used unpaired
at edges of the picture.

Change-Id: I4632f66ca84086dac56c7d36b45ddbe38a06f42a
parent 00fbdc15
......@@ -2870,7 +2870,7 @@ static void nonrd_use_partition(VP9_COMP *cpi,
if (mi_row + hbs < cm->mi_rows) {
nonrd_pick_sb_modes(cpi, tile, mi_row + hbs, mi_col,
&rate, &dist, subsize);
pc_tree->horizontal[1].mic.mbmi = mi[0]->mbmi;
pc_tree->horizontal[1].mic.mbmi = xd->mi[0]->mbmi;
if (rate != INT_MAX && dist != INT64_MAX &&
*totrate != INT_MAX && *totdist != INT64_MAX) {
*totrate += rate;
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