Commit 858e2388 authored by Guillaume Martres's avatar Guillaume Martres Committed by Sebastien Alaiwan
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Remove Unused UPDATE_RD_COST macro

It stopped being used after 09302f5a

Change-Id: Ie7d567c787a4120f8b73378b3a82267249a82e3d
parent 3409c0dd
......@@ -119,12 +119,6 @@ static const int plane_rd_mult[REF_TYPES][PLANE_TYPES] = {
#define UPDATE_RD_COST() \
{ \
rd_cost0 = RDCOST(rdmult, rate0, error0); \
rd_cost1 = RDCOST(rdmult, rate1, error1); \
static INLINE unsigned int get_token_bit_costs(
unsigned int token_costs[2][COEFF_CONTEXTS][ENTROPY_TOKENS], int skip_eob,
int ctx, int token) {
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