Commit 85b49000 authored by Thomas Daede's avatar Thomas Daede
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Don't desync with the default encoder configuration.

The allow_lowbitdepth shouldn't be exported to the API at all.
This is a temporary hack to allow API users such as the analyzer,
inspector, and simple_decoder.c to function correctly.

Change-Id: Id171cc0c24d78216647e949a1dc30a81f4cc826d
parent a9529a39
......@@ -106,6 +106,8 @@ static aom_codec_err_t decoder_init(aom_codec_ctx_t *ctx,
(ctx->init_flags & AOM_CODEC_USE_FRAME_THREADING))
? 1
: 0;
// TODO(tdaede): this should not be exposed to the API
priv->cfg.allow_lowbitdepth = CONFIG_LOWBITDEPTH;
if (ctx->config.dec) {
priv->cfg = *ctx->config.dec;
ctx->config.dec = &priv->cfg;
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