Commit 864e7c51 authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev
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Syncing update_coef_probs() implementation with decoder.

Using for loop based on max_tx_size instead of separate checks. Combining
build_coeff_contexts() with update_coef_probs().

Change-Id: Ie335a7db29830677fbc14478a9c190d3c1068665
parent e002bb99
......@@ -706,12 +706,6 @@ static void build_tree_distribution(VP9_COMP *cpi, TX_SIZE tx_size) {
static void build_coeff_contexts(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
for (t = TX_4X4; t <= TX_32X32; t++)
build_tree_distribution(cpi, t);
static void update_coef_probs_common(vp9_writer* const bc, VP9_COMP *cpi,
TX_SIZE tx_size) {
vp9_coeff_probs_model *new_frame_coef_probs = cpi->frame_coef_probs[tx_size];
......@@ -885,25 +879,17 @@ static void update_coef_probs_common(vp9_writer* const bc, VP9_COMP *cpi,
static void update_coef_probs(VP9_COMP* const cpi, vp9_writer* const bc) {
static void update_coef_probs(VP9_COMP* cpi, vp9_writer* w) {
const TX_MODE tx_mode = cpi->common.tx_mode;
const TX_SIZE max_tx_size = tx_mode_to_biggest_tx_size[tx_mode];
TX_SIZE tx_size;
// Build the cofficient contexts based on counts collected in encode loop
update_coef_probs_common(bc, cpi, TX_4X4);
// do not do this if not even allowed
if (tx_mode > ONLY_4X4)
update_coef_probs_common(bc, cpi, TX_8X8);
if (tx_mode > ALLOW_8X8)
update_coef_probs_common(bc, cpi, TX_16X16);
for (tx_size = TX_4X4; tx_size <= TX_32X32; ++tx_size)
build_tree_distribution(cpi, tx_size);
if (tx_mode > ALLOW_16X16)
update_coef_probs_common(bc, cpi, TX_32X32);
for (tx_size = TX_4X4; tx_size <= max_tx_size; ++tx_size)
update_coef_probs_common(w, cpi, tx_size);
static void encode_loopfilter(struct loopfilter *lf,
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