Commit 86b56742 authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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Use TX_SIZES in intra_high_pred_fn declarations

Change-Id: I078bb5244dbff153bcfab226206540ca6cebdad0
parent f0ede187
......@@ -317,8 +317,8 @@ static intra_pred_fn dc_pred[2][2][TX_SIZES];
typedef void (*intra_high_pred_fn)(uint16_t *dst, ptrdiff_t stride,
const uint16_t *above, const uint16_t *left,
int bd);
static intra_high_pred_fn pred_high[INTRA_MODES][4];
static intra_high_pred_fn dc_pred_high[2][2][4];
static intra_high_pred_fn pred_high[INTRA_MODES][TX_SIZES];
static intra_high_pred_fn dc_pred_high[2][2][TX_SIZES];
static void av1_init_intra_predictors_internal(void) {
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