Commit 87c40b35 authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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Fix encoder debug setting

Propagate debug setting to the EBML struct. When writing the application
name, this allows us to strip the version code and keep the output
metadata static.

Change-Id: I8e06c6abd743bedbff5af6242bbdae5d55754538
parent a60461a3
......@@ -1740,6 +1740,9 @@ static struct stream_state *new_stream(struct global_config *global,
stream->config.stereo_fmt = STEREO_FORMAT_MONO;
stream->config.write_webm = 1;
stream->ebml.last_pts_ms = -1;
/* Allows removal of the application version from the EBML tags */
stream->ebml.debug = global->debug;
/* Output files must be specified for each stream */
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