Commit 888375d2 authored by Paul Wilkins's avatar Paul Wilkins
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Fix build error.

When CONFIG_POSTPROC is set there was a now
invalid reference to cm->filter_level.

Changed to cpi->mb.e_mbd.lf.filter_level in line with
change Iaf5fb71c33719cdfa1b991f671caf071be9ea035

Change-Id: If746e60044903f7ba8d0d346225b3d015226c7d0
parent ee1fe2f7
......@@ -3881,7 +3881,7 @@ int vp9_get_compressed_data(VP9_PTR ptr, unsigned int *frame_flags,
double weight = 0;
vp9_deblock(cm->frame_to_show, &cm->post_proc_buffer,
cm->filter_level * 10 / 6);
cpi->mb.e_mbd.lf.filter_level * 10 / 6);
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