Commit 88f2d444 authored by Rupert Swarbrick's avatar Rupert Swarbrick Committed by Debargha Mukherjee
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Fix call to av1_get_rest_ntiles in restoration.c

This was getting the wrong count of restoration tiles for chroma
planes with subsampling and a smaller restoration tilesize.


Change-Id: I5c9c17ed4ad91111bcc6fa6205a9550b53f84a64
parent 2b4c1781
......@@ -1799,8 +1799,8 @@ int av1_loop_restoration_corners_in_sb(const struct AV1Common *cm, int plane,
int rtile_w, rtile_h, nvtiles;
av1_get_rest_ntiles(ss_frame_w, ss_frame_h,
cm->rst_info[0].restoration_tilesize, &rtile_w, &rtile_h,
nhtiles, &nvtiles);
cm->rst_info[plane].restoration_tilesize, &rtile_w,
&rtile_h, nhtiles, &nvtiles);
const int rnd_w = rtile_w * denom - 1;
const int rnd_h = rtile_h * denom - 1;
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