Commit 8914ab69 authored by Marco's avatar Marco
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Remove duplicate calls for set_frame_size in 1 pass mode.

set_frame_size() is being called twice, once before entering
encode_encode_frame_to_data_rate(), and once again in that function.
No need to call it twice for one-pass mode.

Change-Id: I5fabaf0a90482d4f42cd89ef7ae1402c31aec600
parent 5fe0e55c
......@@ -4165,7 +4165,7 @@ int vp9_get_compressed_data(VP9_COMP *cpi, unsigned int *frame_flags,
(is_two_pass_svc(cpi) &&
cpi->svc.encode_empty_frame_state != ENCODING))) {
} else {
} else if (oxcf->pass == 1) {
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