Commit 8b06a24c authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix format in vp9_rd_pick_inter_mode_sub8x8

Change-Id: I0da29c858c6c1eb5ef07cee8f599329f5a002da9
parent 8d42fad9
......@@ -3460,14 +3460,12 @@ int64_t vp9_rd_pick_inter_mode_sub8x8(VP9_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x,
// If the segment reference frame feature is enabled....
// then do nothing if the current ref frame is not allowed..
if (vp9_segfeature_active(seg, segment_id, SEG_LVL_REF_FRAME) &&
vp9_get_segdata(seg, segment_id, SEG_LVL_REF_FRAME) !=
(int)ref_frame) {
vp9_get_segdata(seg, segment_id, SEG_LVL_REF_FRAME) != (int)ref_frame) {
// Disable this drop out case if the ref frame
// segment level feature is enabled for this segment. This is to
// prevent the possibility that we end up unable to pick any mode.
} else if (!vp9_segfeature_active(seg, segment_id,
} else if (!vp9_segfeature_active(seg, segment_id, SEG_LVL_REF_FRAME)) {
// Only consider ZEROMV/ALTREF_FRAME for alt ref frame,
// unless ARNR filtering is enabled in which case we want
// an unfiltered alternative. We allow near/nearest as well
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