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Disable aliasing when building with Clang

When building with new versions of Clang we encounter some issues. Work
around them by adding -fno-strict-aliasing when we detect Clang.

Change-Id: I8e945a18a7215bcc627e7a1ee110078413259cc7
parent 080150d9
......@@ -608,7 +608,12 @@ process_toolchain() {
check_add_cflags -Wuninitialized
check_add_cflags -Wunused-variable
case ${CC} in
*clang*) ;;
# libvpx and/or clang have issues with aliasing:
# work around them until they are fixed
check_add_cflags -fno-strict-aliasing
*) check_add_cflags -Wunused-but-set-variable ;;
enabled extra_warnings || check_add_cflags -Wno-unused-function
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