Commit 8ee640f9 authored by Geza Lore's avatar Geza Lore Committed by Debargha Mukherjee
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Compute cost of UV mode accurately for intra blocks.

We used to cache the cost of the UV mode from the search with a
different previously tried Y mode, but the UV mode is contexted
on the Y mode, so caching the cost is inaccurate.

Change-Id: Ib003510afb6fc9befb7808b67b0be64f1c0a0804
parent 353930d2
......@@ -9024,7 +9024,8 @@ void vp10_rd_pick_inter_mode_sb(VP10_COMP *cpi,
rate2 = rate_y + intra_mode_cost[mbmi->mode] + rate_uv_intra[uv_tx];
rate2 = rate_y + intra_mode_cost[mbmi->mode] +
rate_uv + cpi->intra_uv_mode_cost[mbmi->mode][mbmi->uv_mode];
if (cpi->common.allow_screen_content_tools && mbmi->mode == DC_PRED)
rate2 +=
vp10_cost_bit(vp10_default_palette_y_mode_prob[bsize - BLOCK_8X8]
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