Commit 8f7bc45b authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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Revert "VP9: Only zero counts when !frame_parallel_decoding_mode"

This reverts commit 380a5519.

This causes an assertion failure in debug_check_frame_counts() which
probably isn't valid with this change; leaving the investigation for
later now.

Change-Id: Ieda5ca811ed2fa50a0cc6935919a8d10dca996e0
parent 79a19469
......@@ -1979,8 +1979,6 @@ static size_t read_uncompressed_header(VP9Decoder *pbi,
if (!cm->error_resilient_mode) {
cm->refresh_frame_context = vpx_rb_read_bit(rb);
cm->frame_parallel_decoding_mode = vpx_rb_read_bit(rb);
if (!cm->frame_parallel_decoding_mode)
} else {
cm->refresh_frame_context = 0;
cm->frame_parallel_decoding_mode = 1;
......@@ -2204,6 +2202,8 @@ void vp9_decode_frame(VP9Decoder *pbi,
vpx_internal_error(&cm->error, VPX_CODEC_CORRUPT_FRAME,
"Uninitialized entropy context.");
xd->corrupted = 0;
new_fb->corrupted = read_compressed_header(pbi, data, first_partition_size);
if (new_fb->corrupted)
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