Commit 900643be authored by Urvang Joshi's avatar Urvang Joshi
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tx64x64: Use C version for DCT/IDCT transform.

The SSE4 function does not support 64x64 size, and was triggering an
assertion failure lowbitdepth is disabled.


Change-Id: Id14e76b5c180a211a84c2e933b07e8acf72dddbc
parent 5978212b
......@@ -24,6 +24,9 @@ static INLINE TxfmFunc fwd_txfm_type_to_func(TXFM_TYPE txfm_type) {
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT8: return av1_fdct8_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT16: return av1_fdct16_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT32: return av1_fdct32_new;
#if CONFIG_TX64X64
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT64: return av1_fdct64_new;
#endif // CONFIG_TX64X64
case TXFM_TYPE_ADST4: return av1_fadst4_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_ADST8: return av1_fadst8_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_ADST16: return av1_fadst16_new;
......@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@ static INLINE TxfmFunc inv_txfm_type_to_func(TXFM_TYPE txfm_type) {
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT8: return av1_idct8_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT16: return av1_idct16_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT32: return av1_idct32_new;
#if CONFIG_TX64X64
case TXFM_TYPE_DCT64: return av1_idct64_new;
#endif // CONFIG_TX64X64
case TXFM_TYPE_ADST4: return av1_iadst4_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_ADST8: return av1_iadst8_new;
case TXFM_TYPE_ADST16: return av1_iadst16_new;
......@@ -412,7 +412,6 @@ specialize qw/av1_fwd_txfm2d_16x16 sse4_1/;
add_proto qw/void av1_fwd_txfm2d_32x32/, "const int16_t *input, int32_t *output, int stride, int tx_type, int bd";
specialize qw/av1_fwd_txfm2d_32x32 sse4_1/;
add_proto qw/void av1_fwd_txfm2d_64x64/, "const int16_t *input, int32_t *output, int stride, int tx_type, int bd";
specialize qw/av1_fwd_txfm2d_64x64 sse4_1/;
# Motion search
......@@ -457,11 +456,6 @@ if (aom_config("CONFIG_HIGHBITDEPTH") eq "yes") {
add_proto qw/int64_t av1_highbd_block_error/, "const tran_low_t *coeff, const tran_low_t *dqcoeff, intptr_t block_size, int64_t *ssz, int bd";
specialize qw/av1_highbd_block_error sse2/;
# fdct functions
if (aom_config("CONFIG_TX64X64") eq "yes") {
add_proto qw/void av1_highbd_fht64x64/, "const int16_t *input, tran_low_t *output, int stride, int tx_type";
add_proto qw/void av1_highbd_temporal_filter_apply/, "uint8_t *frame1, unsigned int stride, uint8_t *frame2, unsigned int block_width, unsigned int block_height, int strength, int filter_weight, unsigned int *accumulator, uint16_t *count";
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