Commit 9099fc0d authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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require --enable-psnr to build ssim

ssim.c comiles in a huge (512M) amount of global scratch space. Allocating
this data on the heap would be a better solution, but this file doesn't
need to be built at all in most cases, so as a first pass, disable it
except when doing opsnr.stt output (--enable-psnr).

Change-Id: I320d812f6d652a12516a16b52295ebff20b5bd42
parent 63ea8705
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/quantize.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/ratectrl.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/rdopt.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/sad_c.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/ssim.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(CONFIG_PSNR) += encoder/ssim.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/tokenize.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/treewriter.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/variance_c.c
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