Commit 90e15088 authored by Zoe Liu's avatar Zoe Liu
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Remove unnecessary function declarations

Change-Id: I438c4fd81ef16ef834d06e7e8eb33e3412943f5a
parent 84442629
......@@ -84,11 +84,6 @@ static void loop_restoration_read_sb_coeffs(const AV1_COMMON *const cm,
int rtile_idx);
static int read_compressed_header(AV1Decoder *pbi, const uint8_t *data,
size_t partition_size);
static size_t read_uncompressed_header(AV1Decoder *pbi,
struct aom_read_bit_buffer *rb);
static void setup_compound_reference_mode(AV1_COMMON *cm) {
cm->comp_fwd_ref[0] = LAST_FRAME;
cm->comp_fwd_ref[1] = LAST2_FRAME;
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