Commit 939f0e74 authored by Marco Paniconi's avatar Marco Paniconi
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Remove the q division by 3 for first frame.

This code/setting was actually not used (since speed features were not set on first frame,
until a recent change) and should be removed.

In CBR mode, the q value for the first frame can be controlled by setting
the target size via the parameters rc_buf_initial_sz (and max_intra_size_pct).

Change-Id: I65afc64972b36c449bd5a8c25800e65da5389066
parent 7c7fc719
......@@ -977,12 +977,9 @@ int vp9_rc_pick_q_and_bounds(const VP9_COMP *cpi,
q = rc_pick_q_and_bounds_two_pass(cpi, bottom_index, top_index);
// JBB : This is realtime mode. In real time mode the first frame
// should be larger. Q of 0 is disabled because we force tx size to be
// Q of 0 is disabled because we force tx size to be
// 16x16...
if (cpi->sf.use_nonrd_pick_mode) {
if (cpi->common.current_video_frame == 0)
q /= 3;
if (q == 0)
if (cpi->sf.partition_check == 1)
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