Commit 93af45fc authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang
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Avoid using gen_txb_cache when eob_first is on

Change-Id: Ib5e79caa67ba6a061e8dc22491c86cde702be137
parent 0d04f573
......@@ -2400,11 +2400,15 @@ int av1_optimize_txb(const AV1_COMMON *cm, MACROBLOCK *x, int plane,
&cm->coeff_ctx_table };
const int update = optimize_txb(&txb_info, &txb_costs, NULL, 0, fast_mode);
TxbCache txb_cache;
gen_txb_cache(&txb_cache, &txb_info);
const int update =
optimize_txb(&txb_info, &txb_costs, &txb_cache, 0, fast_mode);
if (update) p->eobs[block] = txb_info.eob;
return txb_info.eob;
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