Commit 947fa979 authored by Joe Young's avatar Joe Young

Fix compile error with ref_mv disabled

Change-Id: I6c5a843df7de0e711db27ccc5cfbe9fde8d6bae4
parent c8af6112
......@@ -222,10 +222,9 @@ void av1_inc_mv(const MV *mv, nmv_context_counts *counts, const int usehp) {
void av1_adapt_mv_probs(AV1_COMMON *cm, int allow_hp) {
int i;
int i, j;
int idx;
int j;
for (idx = 0; idx < NMV_CONTEXTS; ++idx) {
nmv_context *fc = &cm->fc->nmvc[idx];
const nmv_context *pre_fc =
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