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Commit 9581f3d4 authored by Zoe Liu's avatar Zoe Liu

Replaced a hard-coded value with the macro

Change-Id: I2aec63d8a600e319d037b764b0609092bce1e483
parent 250213ac
......@@ -3158,7 +3158,7 @@ static void set_frame_size(VP10_COMP *cpi) {
for (ref_frame = LAST_FRAME; ref_frame <= ALTREF_FRAME; ++ref_frame) {
RefBuffer *const ref_buf = &cm->frame_refs[ref_frame - 1];
RefBuffer *const ref_buf = &cm->frame_refs[ref_frame - LAST_FRAME];
const int buf_idx = get_ref_frame_buf_idx(cpi, ref_frame);
ref_buf->idx = buf_idx;
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