Commit 95fd170b authored by Jonathan Matthews's avatar Jonathan Matthews Committed by Yaowu Xu

mfmv should check intra_only for reference frames

This is correct in the spec, but the code wasn't doing the check.


Change-Id: I6e22f78d724583ad4cfdbbffc15e61b636810f76
parent 8ea6e5bf
......@@ -1638,6 +1638,8 @@ static int motion_field_projection(AV1_COMMON *cm, MV_REFERENCE_FRAME ref_frame,
int ref_frame_idx = cm->frame_refs[FWD_RF_OFFSET(ref_frame)].idx;
if (ref_frame_idx < 0) return 0;
if (cm->buffer_pool->frame_bufs[ref_frame_idx].intra_only) return 0;
if (cm->buffer_pool->frame_bufs[ref_frame_idx].mi_rows != cm->mi_rows ||
cm->buffer_pool->frame_bufs[ref_frame_idx].mi_cols != cm->mi_cols)
return 0;
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