Commit 98cab1a1 authored by Rupert Swarbrick's avatar Rupert Swarbrick Committed by Debargha Mukherjee
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Fix build warnings in av1_cx_iface.c

aq_mode and deltaq_mode are enums starting at zero so checking they
are in the range 0..X triggers a clang warning of the form "comparison
of unsigned enum expression >= 0 is always true".

Change-Id: Ia41d819958ae5a1ac10e6da5550169a2a326bf1a
parent f01b6cc4
......@@ -222,9 +222,9 @@ static aom_codec_err_t validate_config(aom_codec_alg_priv_t *ctx,
RANGE_CHECK_HI(cfg, rc_max_quantizer, 63);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(cfg, rc_min_quantizer, cfg->rc_max_quantizer);
RANGE_CHECK_BOOL(extra_cfg, lossless);
RANGE_CHECK(extra_cfg, aq_mode, 0, AQ_MODE_COUNT - 1);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(extra_cfg, aq_mode, AQ_MODE_COUNT - 1);
RANGE_CHECK(extra_cfg, deltaq_mode, 0, DELTAQ_MODE_COUNT - 1);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(extra_cfg, deltaq_mode, DELTAQ_MODE_COUNT - 1);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(extra_cfg, frame_periodic_boost, 1);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(cfg, g_threads, 64);
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