Commit 9bf85997 authored by Hui Su's avatar Hui Su
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Call aom_clear_system_state() in prune_tx_2D()

Change-Id: I6c08f4aaba10f89fd17f3100dc5f14bb2087e76b
parent 22508f88
......@@ -1334,12 +1334,12 @@ static int prune_tx_2D(BLOCK_SIZE bsize, const MACROBLOCK *x, int tx_set_type,
int tx_type_pruning_aggressiveness,
int use_tx_split_prune) {
if (bsize >= BLOCK_32X32) return 0;
const struct macroblock_plane *const p = &x->plane[0];
const int bidx = AOMMAX(bsize - BLOCK_4X4, 0);
const float score_thresh =
[tx_type_pruning_aggressiveness - 1];
float hfeatures[16], vfeatures[16];
float hscores[4], vscores[4];
float scores_2D[16];
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