Commit 9d3e478e authored by Yue Chen's avatar Yue Chen
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Remove duplicated variables in EXT_INTER

Introduced by merge commit 141f7a97

Change-Id: Idd68e09a6cd925d97466eabebe0e4905b5031340
parent 9613758e
......@@ -9527,9 +9527,6 @@ PALETTE_EXIT:
best_mbmode.mode = ZEROMV;
} else {
const MV_REFERENCE_FRAME refs[2] = { best_mbmode.ref_frame[0],
best_mbmode.ref_frame[1] };
if (frame_mv[NEAREST_NEARESTMV][refs[0]].as_int ==[0].as_int &&
frame_mv[NEAREST_NEARESTMV][refs[1]].as_int ==
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