Commit 9e959194 authored by Geza Lore's avatar Geza Lore
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Re-initialise quantiser after changing segment.

When using VARIANCE_AQ, we can change the segment assignment after
initialising the quantiser in set_offsets, so re-initialise it when
we do so.

Change-Id: I1f168553aaf0ade419f0d4bf05820cd591b87659
parent d60523bc
......@@ -1731,6 +1731,9 @@ static void rd_pick_sb_modes(VP10_COMP *cpi,
const int energy = bsize <= BLOCK_16X16 ?
x->mb_energy : vp10_block_energy(cpi, x, bsize);
mbmi->segment_id = vp10_vaq_segment_id(energy);
// Re-initialise quantiser
vp10_init_plane_quantizers(cpi, x, mbmi->segment_id);
x->encode_breakout = cpi->segment_encode_breakout[mbmi->segment_id];
x->rdmult = set_segment_rdmult(cpi, x, mbmi->segment_id);
} else if (aq_mode == COMPLEXITY_AQ) {
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