Commit 9ed9ceda authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Alex Converse
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Remove -fno-strict-aliasing flag

The referenced bug was fixed by saving neon registers. That this had any
effect was coincidental.

Both chromium and Android build with clang and neither uses this flag.

Change-Id: I470247d6fd9226fc207b42a187105581a94badc3
(cherry picked from commit fad70a358b9ab832f5f2ece1609936b80b649c71)
parent 29804479
......@@ -606,12 +606,7 @@ process_toolchain() {
check_add_cflags -Wuninitialized
check_add_cflags -Wunused-variable
case ${CC} in
# libaom and/or clang have issues with aliasing:
# work around them until they are fixed
check_add_cflags -fno-strict-aliasing
*clang*) ;;
*) check_add_cflags -Wunused-but-set-variable ;;
if enabled mips || [ -z "${INLINE}" ]; then
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