Commit 9ee82650 authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang
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Fix w/h of av1_make_masked_inter_predictor

Change-Id: Idaeb180392d6e96fedbd39f2e1ee0e4b9dba887e
parent 61a12ef2
......@@ -1228,7 +1228,7 @@ void build_inter_predictors(const AV1_COMMON *cm, MACROBLOCKD *xd, int plane,
if (ref && is_masked_compound_type(mi->mbmi.interinter_compound_type))
pre, pre_buf->stride, dst, dst_buf->stride, subpel_x, subpel_y,
sf, w, h, &conv_params, mi->mbmi.interp_filter, xs, ys,
sf, b4_w, b4_h, &conv_params, mi->mbmi.interp_filter, xs, ys,
wedge_offset_x, wedge_offset_y,
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