Commit 9fb7aad9 authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang
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Revert "Copy ctx in get_entropy_contexts_plane for lv_map"

This reverts commit 90dad2e4.

Reason for revert: Checked this in by accident

Change-Id: Icbf8e6a76e5f0da8cee6365d03c41dea5b94775d
parent 81f6ecd1
......@@ -556,12 +556,6 @@ static void get_entropy_contexts_plane(
const ENTROPY_CONTEXT *const above = pd->above_context;
const ENTROPY_CONTEXT *const left = pd->left_context;
memcpy(t_above, above, sizeof(ENTROPY_CONTEXT) * num_4x4_w);
memcpy(t_left, left, sizeof(ENTROPY_CONTEXT) * num_4x4_h);
#endif // CONFIG_LV_MAP
int i;
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