Commit a06e39a9 authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Add buf_ans.h to the Makefile." into nextgenv2

parents b5454b24 e6a136e8
......@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ VP10_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/subexp.h
VP10_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/resize.c
VP10_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/resize.h
VP10_CX_SRCS-$(CONFIG_INTERNAL_STATS) += encoder/blockiness.c
VP10_CX_SRCS-$(CONFIG_ANS) += encoder/buf_ans.h
VP10_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/tokenize.c
VP10_CX_SRCS-yes += encoder/treewriter.c
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