Commit a2d5c948 authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang

Clean up update_and_record_txb_context

Change-Id: Icbf9a2f31eb7f6c385266a0236d2ef266f43e409
parent ce32f705
......@@ -405,14 +405,10 @@ static void update_and_record_txb_context(int plane, int block, int blk_row,
const tran_low_t *qcoeff = BLOCK_OFFSET(p->qcoeff, block);
tran_low_t *tcoeff = BLOCK_OFFSET(x->mbmi_ext->tcoeff[plane], block);
const int segment_id = mbmi->segment_id;
const int16_t *scan, *nb;
const TX_TYPE tx_type = get_tx_type(plane_type, xd, block, tx_size);
const SCAN_ORDER *const scan_order =
get_scan(cm, tx_size, tx_type, is_inter_block(mbmi));
const int ref = is_inter_block(mbmi);
unsigned int(*const counts)[COEFF_CONTEXTS][ENTROPY_TOKENS] =
const uint8_t *const band = get_band_translate(tx_size);
const int16_t *scan = scan_order->scan;
const int seg_eob = get_tx_eob(&cpi->common.seg, segment_id, tx_size);
int c, i;
TXB_CTX txb_ctx;
......@@ -425,15 +421,8 @@ static void update_and_record_txb_context(int plane, int block, int blk_row,
nz_map_count = &td->counts->nz_map[tx_size][plane_type];
scan = scan_order->scan;
nb = scan_order->neighbors;
memcpy(tcoeff, qcoeff, sizeof(*tcoeff) * seg_eob);
++td->counts->txb_skip[tx_size][txb_ctx.txb_skip_ctx][eob == 0];
x->mbmi_ext->txb_skip_ctx[plane][block] = txb_ctx.txb_skip_ctx;
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