Commit a46ca6ec authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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vp9_loop_filter_frame_mt: defer allocations

the code currently checks whether the allocation has been done instead
of allocating on the first frame.
4f27202d vp9: fix crash in mt loopfilter w/corrupt file

this change defers the allocation until the loop filter is used.

Change-Id: I660c1b7f34e713a8dd9884483f01d23b9847366e
parent 958a15f0
......@@ -145,15 +145,13 @@ void vp9_loop_filter_frame_mt(YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *frame,
const int num_workers = MIN(pbi->max_threads & ~1, tile_cols);
int i;
// Allocate memory used in thread synchronization.
// This always needs to be done even if frame_filter_level is 0.
if (!frame_filter_level) return;
if (!lf_sync->sync_range || cm->last_height != cm->height) {
vp9_loop_filter_alloc(lf_sync, cm, sb_rows, cm->width);
if (!frame_filter_level) return;
vp9_loop_filter_frame_init(cm, frame_filter_level);
// Initialize cur_sb_col to -1 for all SB rows.
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