Commit a883e6ea authored by David Barker's avatar David Barker Committed by Hui Su
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[NORMATIVE-DECODING, intra-edge] Fix bug in is_smooth()

Because the mbmi pointer passed into is_smooth comes from the above/left
block, it might be an inter block. If this happens, we correctly deduce
that the above/left block does not use a smooth intra mode.

However, inter blocks do not set mbmi->uv_mode, so in the UV case we end up
reading stale data. This may result in is_smooth() returning the wrong value,
if (whatever was previously written into) mbmi->uv_mode happens to be a
smooth intra mode.

Fix this by including an explicit check for inter blocks.


Change-Id: I3ec9faef9b6297e22915176067b5704003bc4664
parent 6f81f128
...@@ -1398,6 +1398,10 @@ static int is_smooth(const MB_MODE_INFO *mbmi, int plane) { ...@@ -1398,6 +1398,10 @@ static int is_smooth(const MB_MODE_INFO *mbmi, int plane) {
return (mode == SMOOTH_PRED || mode == SMOOTH_V_PRED || return (mode == SMOOTH_PRED || mode == SMOOTH_V_PRED ||
mode == SMOOTH_H_PRED); mode == SMOOTH_H_PRED);
} else { } else {
// uv_mode is not set for inter blocks, so need to explicitly
// detect that case.
if (is_inter_block(mbmi)) return 0;
const UV_PREDICTION_MODE uv_mode = mbmi->uv_mode; const UV_PREDICTION_MODE uv_mode = mbmi->uv_mode;
return (uv_mode == UV_SMOOTH_PRED || uv_mode == UV_SMOOTH_V_PRED || return (uv_mode == UV_SMOOTH_PRED || uv_mode == UV_SMOOTH_V_PRED ||
uv_mode == UV_SMOOTH_H_PRED); uv_mode == UV_SMOOTH_H_PRED);
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