Commit a8a5774b authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev
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Removing unused error_bins[] field from VP9_COMP.

Change-Id: I883eb9026b44cb354d5b01c0f1d34ecd71f942e4
parent dd31f2e4
......@@ -1844,9 +1844,6 @@ VP9_PTR vp9_create_compressor(VP9_CONFIG *oxcf) {
cpi->diamond_search_sad = vp9_diamond_search_sad;
cpi->refining_search_sad = vp9_refining_search_sad;
// make sure frame 1 is okay
cpi->error_bins[0] = cm->MBs;
/* vp9_init_quantizer() is first called here. Add check in
* vp9_frame_init_quantizer() so that vp9_init_quantizer is only
* called later when needed. This will avoid unnecessary calls of
......@@ -623,7 +623,6 @@ typedef struct VP9_COMP {
int ref_frame_flags;
int error_bins[1024];
unsigned int max_mv_magnitude;
int mv_step_param;
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