Commit a94997aa authored by Guillaume Martres's avatar Guillaume Martres Committed by Guillaume Martres
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Remove no longer necessary intra block reencode

Now that `rd_variance_adjustment` has been removed, we can remove this
reencode without affecting anything.

Change-Id: Id2e055fe2f00bd5c1e59daa44fce4c264b730116
parent b6425127
......@@ -4566,7 +4566,6 @@ void av1_rd_pick_inter_mode_sb(const AV1_COMP *cpi, TileDataEnc *tile_data,
distortion2 = distortion_y + distortion_uv;
av1_encode_intra_block_plane((AV1_COMMON *)cm, x, bsize, 0);
} else {
int_mv backup_ref_mv[2];
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