Commit a9e38537 authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Cleaning up detect_transition_to_still()."

parents b9aae3b9 b1b568e0
......@@ -1095,12 +1095,10 @@ static double get_zero_motion_factor(const FIRSTPASS_STATS *frame) {
// Function to test for a condition where a complex transition is followed
// by a static section. For example in slide shows where there is a fade
// between slides. This is to help with more optimal kf and gf positioning.
static int detect_transition_to_still(TWO_PASS *twopass,
static int detect_transition_to_still(const TWO_PASS *twopass,
int frame_interval, int still_interval,
double loop_decay_rate,
double last_decay_rate) {
int trans_to_still = 0;
// Break clause to detect very still sections after motion
// For example a static image after a fade or other transition
// instead of a clean scene cut.
......@@ -1108,26 +1106,22 @@ static int detect_transition_to_still(TWO_PASS *twopass,
loop_decay_rate >= 0.999 &&
last_decay_rate < 0.9) {
int j;
const FIRSTPASS_STATS *position = twopass->stats_in;
FIRSTPASS_STATS tmp_next_frame;
// Look ahead a few frames to see if static condition persists...
for (j = 0; j < still_interval; ++j) {
if (EOF == input_stats(twopass, &tmp_next_frame))
const FIRSTPASS_STATS *stats = &twopass->stats_in[j];
if (stats >= twopass->stats_in_end)
if (tmp_next_frame.pcnt_inter - tmp_next_frame.pcnt_motion < 0.999)
if (stats->pcnt_inter - stats->pcnt_motion < 0.999)
reset_fpf_position(twopass, position);
// Only if it does do we signal a transition to still.
if (j == still_interval)
trans_to_still = 1;
return j == still_interval;
return trans_to_still;
return 0;
// This function detects a flash through the high relative pcnt_second_ref
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