Commit aa7bb678 authored by Sebastien Alaiwan's avatar Sebastien Alaiwan
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Speedup JS inspector build

Change-Id: I469799ca8ef12288be23143f3ba58ec5bf5edc34
parent 52b14161
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ fi
echo 'Building JS Inspector'
if [ ! -d ".inspect" ]; then
mkdir .inspect
cd .inspect && emconfigure ../../configure --disable-multithread --disable-runtime-cpu-detect --target=generic-gnu --enable-accounting --enable-inspection --enable-aom_highbitdepth --extra-cflags="-D_POSIX_SOURCE"
cd .inspect && emconfigure ../../configure --disable-multithread --disable-runtime-cpu-detect --target=generic-gnu --enable-accounting --disable-docs --disable-unit-tests --enable-inspection --enable-highbitdepth --extra-cflags="-D_POSIX_SOURCE"
cd .inspect
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