Commit ab3a7706 authored by Frederic Barbier's avatar Frederic Barbier Committed by Fred BARBIER

Cleanup dead condition

These functions are only used in a intra mode context.
Add related sanity check.

Change-Id: I068d9251bd17b621a0d899bbbea01df53f0cfb6d
parent 209ba850
......@@ -17,12 +17,14 @@
#include "av1/common/onyxc_int.h"
PREDICTION_MODE av1_left_block_mode(const MODE_INFO *left_mi) {
if (!left_mi || is_inter_block(&left_mi->mbmi)) return DC_PRED;
if (!left_mi) return DC_PRED;
return left_mi->mbmi.mode;
PREDICTION_MODE av1_above_block_mode(const MODE_INFO *above_mi) {
if (!above_mi || is_inter_block(&above_mi->mbmi)) return DC_PRED;
if (!above_mi) return DC_PRED;
return above_mi->mbmi.mode;
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