Commit abc9958c authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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Don't override active_worst_quality in 2 pass

Commit db5057c7 introduced a bug in that the active_worst_quality
selected by the 2 pass rate controller was being overridden for key
frames, causing a severe quality loss.

Change-Id: I4865a6fbe3e94e9b4fb9271c7dd68b455d7b371d
parent db5057c7
......@@ -416,7 +416,8 @@ static void calc_iframe_target_size(VP8_COMP *cpi)
// TODO: if we separate rate targeting from Q targetting, move this.
// Reset the active worst quality to the baseline value for key frames.
cpi->active_worst_quality = cpi->worst_quality;
if (cpi->pass != 2)
cpi->active_worst_quality = cpi->worst_quality;
#if 0
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